Seminar at King’s College London

On the 12th February 2016 I gave a seminar on “why and how open data and open APIs can improve research” for the Environmental Dynamics research group seminar series at the Department of Geography of King’s College London (slides available here). The audience was made of students, researchers and academics, all interested and participative, which made the experience rather enjoyable for me. More information on this series of seminars is on the King’s geocomputation blog.

During my seminar I showed how to assemble data requests using the National River Flow Archive’s  RESTful APIs, how to parse and convert server responses using the R language and the rnrfa package. Here are links to the demos and a web mapping/reporting application I built using the rnrfa package as backend tool. If you are interested, the source code of the web app is available as Rmd file from GitHub.

I mentioned that the NRFA APIs are experimental and periodical updates may temporarily break the package. An API update was deployed on the 18.02.2016, the package was updated accordingly and version 0.4.3 is now available on CRAN and GitHub.